Merkki: Brother
Tuotenumero: BRODR6000
Valmistajan tuotekoodi: DR6000
Saatavuus: Ei varastossa, Tiedustele toimitusaikaa
Veroton: 186,69€
Brother DR6000. Yhteensopivuus: FAX-8360PLT, FAX-8360P, MFC-9880, MFC-9860, MFC-9660, HL-P2500, HL-1470N, HL-1450, HL-1440,..., Riittoisuus: 20000 sivua, Tulostustekniikka: Laser

Brother, a company based on creativity and development, is world-renowned for providing a wide range of printer consumables. Well-known for their durability and excellent sharp results, they guarantee total customer satisfaction. Brother supplies its products with all the necessary accessories and consumables that suit your most demanding needs.
For use with the FAX4750; MFC-8600; MFC9600; DCP1200; MFC9660; MFC9760; MFC9880; HL1230; HL1240; HL1250; HL1270N; HLP2500; HL1430; HL1440; HL1450; HL1470N.
Easily installed, please refer to the owner's manual for these instructions.
Tuoteyhteensopivuus FAX-8360PLT, FAX-8360P, MFC-9880, MFC-9860, MFC-9660, HL-P2500, HL-1470N, HL-1450, HL-1440, HL-1430, HL-1230, MFC-9870, MFC-9850, MFC-9760, MFC-9750, FAX-8750P, MFC-9650, FAX-8350P, HL-1270N, HL-1250, HL-1240, HL-1030
Väri(t) BLACK
Tulostustekniikka LASER
Tulostusväri BLACK
Yhteensopivat tuotteet 25024DK, 926L98288, MFC-9880, 25030DK, DR6000-FRC, FAX-8360PLT, 626011, TN6600-FRC, 25031DK
Riittoisuus 20000
Nimi * DR6000
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