Merkki: Lenovo
Tuotenumero: LE20DF00CMMS
Valmistajan tuotekoodi: 20DF00CMMS
Saatavuus: Tuote tilapäisesti loppu, Tiedustele saatavuutta
Veroton: 706,45€
Lenovo ThinkPad E550. Tuotetyyppi: Kannettava, Tuotteen väri: Musta, Kotelo: Simpukka. Suorittimen taajuus: 2,2 GHz, Prosessorityyppi: Intel Core i5-5xxx, Prosessori: i5-5200U. Sisäinen muisti: 4 GB, Sisäinen muisti (tyyppi): DDR3L-SDRAM, Muistin kellotaajuus: 1600 MHz. Kokonaismuisti: 192 GB, Tallennusmedia: SSD-levy, SSD-asema, kapasiteetti: 192 GB. Näytön halkaisija (tuuma): 39,6 cm (15.6"), Näytön erottelutarkkuus: 1920 x 1080 pikseliä, HD-tyyppi: Full HD

Lenovo OneLink Technology.
Get more from your power cable! OneLink technology is a unique interface that simplifies connectivity through a single cable to the ThinkPad OneLink Dock. The OneLink dock provides dedicated video, USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, and audio—all while charging your notebook.

Award-Winning Keyboard
Full-sized and spill-resistant, the legendary ThinkPad ergonomic keyboard is renowned for its full array of keys, excellent feel, and TrackPoint® pointing device. It's optimized for Windows 8.1 with convenient multimedia buttons, function-lock capability, and immediate access to view apps. Plus, a larger TrackPad with buttons, which can be configured multiple ways through Settings. Available optional backlight makes working in dark environments effortless.

Long Battery Life
All-day computing with up to 9 hours unplugged lets you get a full day of work in on a single charge.

Fast Data Transfer
Move data quickly between the E550 and other devices with SuperSpeed USB 3.0, which enables up to 10 times faster file transfer, allowing for lightning-fast copying of large media files, as well as seamless connections between audio- and video-related peripherals.

Integrated HD Webcam & Mic
Never miss a thing in web conferences: a low-light sensitive 720p HD webcam with wide-angle viewing and face-tracking, along with dual noise-cancelling microphones deliver crystal-clear private and conference mode VOIP meetings. Plus, convenient multimedia keys provide quick and easy access to microphone, speaker, and camera controls.

3D Camera (Optional)
With a camera that can see as well as take pictures, control your devices and interact in new ways with gaming, collaboration, and content creation. The combination of a full 1080p color camera and a depth sensor enables real-time, natural interaction. (Note: Related software and application support is required.)

Stereo Speakers With Dolby® Advanced Audio™
A suite of audio technology from Dolby delivers a crisp, clear cinematic surround sound for music, movies, games, and more. Hear every detail clearly and experience the full impact of your entertainment anywhere.

JBL® Stereo Speakers (optional)
Founded by James B. Lansing in the 1920s, JBL® has been a pioneering force in audio engineering and sound technology worldwide for nearly a century. Select systems featuring built-in JBL speakers deliver exquisite stereo performance that brings your movies and music to life.

Lenovo Cloud Storage
Protect your critical data, while also making access to information and file-sharing quick and convenient. Automatically back-up and synchronize data across the organization, while enabling access from multiple devices. Data is encrypted on transfer for an extra level of security.
Kapasiteetti (GB) 192
Liityntätyyppi BGA1168
Näytön halkaisija (tuumaa) 15.6
Piirisarja INTEL SOC
Tuettu Muistimäärä (Gb) 16
Prosessorin kellotaajuus (GHz) 2.2
Muistikapasiteetti (GB) 4
Kotelotyyppi CLAMSHELL
Muistityyppi DDR3L-SDRAM
Prosessorityyppi INTEL CORE I5-5XXX
Ytimien määrä 2
Suositeltu käyttö BUSINESS
Wi-Fi-tuki Kyllä
Näytön kirkkaus (cd/m2) 220
Resoluutio 1920 X 1080
Kuvasuhde 16:9
HD-tyyppi FULL HD
Yhteensopivat muistikortit MMC,SD,SDHC,SDXC
Käyttöjärjestelmä WINDOWS 7 PROFESSIONAL
Väri(t) BLACK
LAN-portti Kyllä
VGA-portit 1
HDMI-portit 1
USB 2.0-portit 1
DVI-portit Ei
Integroitu korttilukija Kyllä
Tuotetyyppi NOTEBOOK
Tuoteperhe * THINKPAD
Leveys (cm) 377
Syvyys (cm) 256
Korkeus (cm) 27
Paino (kg) 2350
Bluetooth Kyllä
Nimi * E550
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