Merkki: Lexmark
Tuotenumero: LEX62D0XA0
Valmistajan tuotekoodi: 62D0XA0
Saatavuus: Tilaustuote, Tiedustele toimitusaikaa
Veroton: 638,71€
Lexmark 62D0XA0. Malli: Laserpatruuna, Riittoisuus: 45000 sivua, Tulostuskasettien väri(t): Musta, Lukumäärä per pakkaus: 1 kpl

Unison™ Toner
Essential to Lexmark print system performance, Unison™ Toner's unique formulation consistently delivers outstanding image quality, ensures long-life print system reliability and promotes superior sustainability -- all in an innovative shake-free print system.

High Yield
Maximise your savings and enjoy premium quality with Genuine Lexmark cartridges. High Yield cartridges offer a lower cost per page and contain more pages than Standard Yield cartridges do. Perfect for high volume printing

Best Together
Genuine Lexmark supplies are engineered to work Best Together with your Lexmark printer, delivering excellent print quality from the first page to the last.

Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program
Going green has never been easier. Recycle all your used Lexmark supplies by letting us take care of the details. It’s simple, smart and always free.

Return for Recycling
Lexmark offers customers a broad choice of laser toner cartridges and recycling options including easy return to Lexmark. For superior results, always use Genuine Lexmark supplies.
Pakkaustyyppi BOX
Tuoteyhteensopivuus MX812DE, MX812DXE, MX812DTFE, MX812DME, MX812DXME, MX811DTE, MX811DFE, MX811DTFE, MX811DXFE, MX810DE, MX810DXE, MX810DME, MX810DTME, MX810DXME, MX711DHE, MX812DTE, MX812DFE, MX812DXFE, MX812DTME, MX811DE, MX811DXE, MX811DME, MX811DTME, MX811DXME, MX810DTE, MX810DFE, MX810DTFE, MX810DXFE, MX711DE, MX711DTHE
Tuoteryhmä * VÄRIKASETIT
Väri(t) BLACK
Tulostustekniikka LASER
Tulostusväri BLACK
Yhteensopivat tuotteet 24T7847, 24T7805, 24T7848, 24T7851, 24T7853, 24T7875, 24T7873, 24T7871, 24T7883, 24T7863, 24T7877, 24T7859, 24T7885, 24T7861, 24T7865, 24T7804, 24T7992, 24T7818, 24T7816, 24T7840, 24T7808, 24T7834, 24T7810, 24T7832, 24T7842, 24T7809, 24T7817, 24T7821, 24T7841, 24T7828, 24T7822, 24T7830, 24T7833, 24T7829
Riittoisuus 45000
Nimi * 62D0XA0
Paino pakattuna (kg) 2000
Pakkauksen koko (mm) 160 X 495 X 198
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