Merkki: Adata
Tuotenumero: A-AC008-64G-RWE
Valmistajan tuotekoodi: AC008-64G-RWE
Saatavuus: Keskusvarastossa, 1 - 3 Työpäivää
Veroton: 14,92€
ADATA 64GB C008. Kapasiteetti: 64 GB, USB-versio: 2.0, USB Type-A connector. Paino: 10 g. Tuotteen väri: Sininen, Valkoinen

The sleek design features a sliding USB connector, which smoothly extends from the drive at the push of a thumb. The capless mechanical design eliminates the hassle of lost drive caps. The USB connector can be made ready for use with just one hand, for greater convenience when speed is a must.

Easy Thumb Activated Capless Design
The USB connector is concealed in the compact body, fully protected without the need for a drive cap. A simple thumb swipe forward makes it ready to use, and the reverse motion stows the connector for storage or travel.

Your Personal Style
The C008 is conveniently designed with a strap hole so that one can easily loop a string through and connect to a keychain or a mobile phone.

Graceful and Minimalist Design
The matte texture body is scratchproof and dirt-repellent. The C008 comes in an elegant shape and in two stylish color schemes. The simple curves of this series make fashion more comfortable than ever.
Kapasiteetti (GB) 64
USB-versio 2.0
Tuoteryhmä * USB-MUISTIT
Yhteensopivat käyttöjärjestelmät WINDOWS 98/2000/XP/VISTA/7\NMAC OS 9.0 +\NLINUX KERNAL 2.4 +
Leveys (cm) 19.5
Syvyys (cm) 59.6
Korkeus (cm) 5.9
Paino (kg) 10
Plug & Play-tuki KYLLÄ
Nimi * 64GB C008